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CoreConnect Health and Fitness Studio is a boutique studio detailed to our clients fitness needs. We opened our  doors in Blomtuin Centre, Suikerbos Street, Blomtuin, Bellville in July 2018. It is the only studio in South Africa focusing on pelvic floor exercises and another first in the country to incorporate the Hypopressives/Low Pressure fitness training method in small fitness groups for women AND men.

As founders and owners, I, Shirley, together with my husband, Pieter Boerssen, have been operating in Cape Town and surrounds for the past 10 years.

I have been teaching Low Pressure Fitness/Hypopressives, Pilates and various other methodologies in my training sessions in Cape Town and surrounds, spreading the word and opening the conversation around pelvic floor health and wellness. Pieter is my partner in crime and designer/marketer… Read More


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