CoreBalance for Beginners

This beginner package is designed to balance and kickstart the core system, retrain breathing and improve posture. The core forms the foundation of healthy movement and strengthens you from the inside out. This programme based on Hypopressives breathing technique and Low Pressure Fitness. After the 6 weeks you can  join in our CoreMaintenance sessions or fall in to any of our other classes.

I advise starting this program if you are:

  • New to training
  • Postpartum
  • Pre- and Post- menopausal
  • Wanting to improve posture and breathing to prevent and improve back pain and injuries.
  • Rehab and retrain post surgery

CoreBalance for Beginners is offered in groups, click here to see when the next beginners group will start or contact us via the online contact form if you’d like to sign up for private or semi-private sessions.



Shirley Boerssen


(CoreBalance for Beginners a prerequisite)

This is where we layer and build on the CoreBalance for Beginners to improve strength, flexibility and endurance. This class includes a Hypopressive/Low Pressure Fitness flow and draws from various techniques like Pilates, functional fitness and flexibility.



Shirley Boerssen


Our studio offer Pilates mat groups. The groups are small (max 10) and we work on alignment/posture, balance, endurance, strength and flexibility. If you want to join a group we will need to schedule a private session for an assessment to:

  1. Assess your posture and cover possible injuries and contra-indications
  2. To teach you the basic principles of the Pilates technique (alignment and breathing).



Shirley Boerssen
Samantha Burls


We offer Vinyasa which is a dynamic flow of sun salutation and Vinyasa postures, creating a strong flow, warming up the muscular system. Poses are often held longer to build strength and concentration. In this class we will focus on: alignment, precision and Vinyasa breathing. The choreography, style and strength will vary according to the facilitator, thus always offering a wide variety and challenge.



Darren Watermann

Movement for 60’s and over

This class is for men and women of 60 and over. Our goal is to improve and teach functional movement, retrain core/breathing/posture, improve flexibility and balance and prevent and rehab injuries. The class is based on Pilates techniques, strength, endurance, flexibility and balance work for pre and post menopausal women and the older aged.



Shirley Boerssen

CoreConnect Functional Movement Groups

This 45 minute session consists of functional movements and fitness, including cardio, strength and endurance. We teach you how to use your body efficiently and prevent injuries. Think HIIT, “crossfit/bootcamp” style and techniques, fun and sweat.



Shirley Boerssen

Ideal Body Programme

The Ideal Body Programme is a 3 month programme to achieve your ideal body.

We follow a set, very do-able programme, starting from beginner level and then build on strength, tone and cardio. We meet every day, Monday to Friday, at 5:30-6:15am.

Our days vary:

Monday, Wednesday and Friday: strength training.

Tuesdays and Thursday : cardio, currently with the summer weather we meet at the studio and walk in the neighbourhood.

Cost: R500.00 per month or R1500.00 upfront.

Please contact Shirley for more information. This is the best, safest and easiest way to find your tribe in working to your ultimate body, health and wellness in 2019.


Mariam Vallie

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