• Hydrate, before, during and after class. Please eat 2 to 3 hours before class.
  • Be quiet and respectful of others in the room. As our studio is a one-room space we want to encourage quietness and social interaction, which can be tricky. The general rule, please be mindful of others by entering quietly and talking softly before the session starts. However, after the session we want to encourage social interaction with other members and/or teacher, please stay as long as you need and feel free to ask the instructor any questions or feedback.
  • Remove your shoes before or on entering the room. This is actually a symbol of you leaving behind whatever you brought in with you before entering the room. We have “bunkies” at the door where you can place your shoes and belongings.
  • You are welcome to find a space or mat at rest while waiting for the session to start.
  • Wear comfortable clothing. Shorts, leggings, t-shirts, tank tops, etc. Men usually wear shorts and t-shirts.
  • Bring your own mat and towel. We have a limited number of mats, which are mainly used for Pilates, CoreBalance and Maintenance. Yoga mats are limited.
  • Try to stay in the room for the duration of the entire class. Come down into child’s pose or savasana if you need to rest, but please try not to leave the room.
  • Be on time out of respect for your fellow students and their movement experience. It is disruptive to have students entering after the start of class. We lock the doors at the start of class for your safety. Ideally, you will come 5 minutes early. If this is your first class, please come 10 minutes early. Please sign in at the reception desk or with the instructor. Unfortunately, no latecomers allowed as it is disruptive and warmups for the sessions are important to prevent injuries.
  • Spray and wipe down mat after class with provided Tea Tree Water and cloth located at “bunkies”


  • Bring your cell phone into class. Please put your phone on vibrate when entering the studio. Please try to keep the sessions as a time just for you.
  • Wear shoes or socks during a Yoga session as it is done barefoot. We have wooden “bunkies” to store your socks and shoes until after class.
  • Come to class late or leave early. People coming in and out disrupts that energy. If you know you are going to leave early, please tell the teacher in advance. If you are tired or out of breath, lay down on your mat, the whole class if necessary. Just being in the room allows you to experience the energy. Bit by bit, you will get stronger.